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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Muddled Work In Middelkerke

The mayor of the Belgian town of Middelkerke has decided that he doesn't want his town to continue hosting this life-size statue of Saddam Hussein in his underpants, hands tied behind his back, floating in a large glass tank filled with formaldehyde.

The mayor nixed the statue before the Kartoonistan riots broke out, but Czech radio reports:
After the Danish cartoons sparked off protests around the world, his decision was not up for discussion. The exhibition organisers argue that the town of Middelkerke has a population of 17,000 with a virtually non-existent Muslim community.
The "artist," Czech David Cerny, made the statue after witnessing first-hand the aftermath of Saddam's reign during a week-long stay in Baghdad. He says:
"I don't think that a wave of censorship has hit us but what is worrying is that it is now affecting the everyday lives of the ordinary citizens of this continent."
Radical Islamists are running an effective war of intimidation -- intimidating the meek among them, intimidating the meek among us -- and they are becoming increasingly effective. Imagine, being so frightened of Islamonasties that you're afraid to show the embarrassing likeness of the man who killed more Muslims than any man in the 20th century.

An embassy burned today, a statue removed tomorrow. Islam put off-limits to criticism.

Time to re-think.