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Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Couple Slogan Contests

If you haven't been enjoying the great conservative slogan contest over at Bookworm Room, you need to hustle on over, read the fine contributions ("Imagine the Senate without Massachusetts" was one of mine) and pitch in a few of your own.

As I was reading over them earlier today, I thought that in the midst of all this giddy fun, it might be helpful to compare all the fine work at Bookworm Room to some other sloganeering we've seen lately:
Whoever insults a prophet kill him

This is the beginning of the end for you disbelievers

Stop your crimes against our religon [sic] and our prophet

Freedom go to Hell

Be prepared for the REAL holocaust!

Europe, you will pay. Your 9/11 is on its way. (catchy rhythm, no?)

As Muslims we unite. We are prepared to fight (not as catchy)

Behead those who insult Islam

Butcher those who mock Islam

Exterminate those who slander Islam

Massacre those who insult Islam

Annihilate those who insult Islam
Got the forumla? It's "[Blank] those who [blank] Islam." Let's have some fun with this, shall we? Here are a couple examples:
Ridicule those who apologize for Islam

Pity those who are manipulated by Islam

Pray for those who are lost in Islam
I'm sure there are better ones out there -- let's see 'em!