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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kartoonistan: A BIG Ouch!

In a splendid bit of Muslim insensitivity, in London, a city where just last July many lost loved ones to suicide bombers, 22-year-old Omar Khayam demonsrated in a Kartoonistan riot with a fake explosives belt around his chest.

Now he's very apologetic -- because, as the London Times reports, his little demonstration may send him back to prison for violating parole. This fine young Allahphile was just released a few months ago from prison on a crack cocaine possession conviction.

Londoners were outraged by Khayam's poor taste, but none expressed their disgust more eloquently than David Aaronovitch:
I would very much like to have taken Omar Khayam of Bedford’s imitation suicide belt, rolled it up tightly and performed an al fresco sigmoidoscopy upon him.
Alas, Khayam eluded this bit of street justice.