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Thursday, February 09, 2006

God Help Us

Gay activism ad absurdium:

A German zoo has abandoned a plan to break up homosexual penguin couples after protests from gay rights groups.

The Bremerhaven Zoo in northern Germany had earlier flown in four female Humboldt penguins in an attempt to encourage three all-male couples to reproduce.

The zoo originally defended the experiment on the grounds that the birds were an endangered species. But after protests from gay rights groups, director Heike Kueck said the zoo was abandoning the plan. ...

Gay groups had protested against "the organised and forced harassment through female seductresses" in an open letter to Bremerhaven Mayor Joerg Schulz and called on him to stop the program. (source)

And amazingly, he stopped the program. Spineless newt.

If for no other reason than scientific curiosity, the experiement should have gone on.

Now excuse me. I'm going to cozy up to my incredible wife and see if I can get a little forced harassment through a female seductress.