Cheat-Seeking Missles

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Two Out of Three in LA TImes Opinion

Two really great letters in today's LA Times Opinion section. I wrote about Ivory Coast earlier; and liked this letter:

Re "French Soldiers Fire on Protesters in Ivory Coast, Reportedly Killing 5," Nov. 10: Maybe I missed the news, but did France obtain international consensus, as well as United Nations authorization, to use force in the Ivory Coast insurrection?

And I was filled with glee on reading this:

I am sure that the president, newly reelected with the first majority vote in 16 years, will take the advice of the lefties, who now run The Times, about his Cabinet. Who appointed you to staff the Cabinet and make recommendations to a president whom you vilified? Get real!

On the other side of the ledger appeared in an article with a headline that certainly caught my eye: When Will the Red Meat Start to Stink? Turns out the article equally panned most righty and lefty videos spawned by the election ... fine so far ... but it offended me and every other Christian conservative who read this review:

"George W. Bush: Faith in the White House"(released Oct. 5; 70 min.; $11.21, online and in stores)
The Dish: A nuanced look at Bush's faith that stops short of calling him a prophet or his opponents baby-killing atheists.
Made by: Director David W. Balsiger, who says he has distributed 450,000 copies. Balsiger's Grizzly Adams Productions has also examined the End Times (a.k.a. right now), space aliens, Bigfoot, the murdering Clintons, the government conspiracy against Gen. Custer and the military conspiracy to keep dolphin-speak secret.
A Taste: "Will the faith of George Bush be sufficient to keep us in God's hands today? Perhaps — if we all join our faith to his." — Janet Parshall, narrator and religious broadcaster.
Shelf Life: Fruitcake. Good until the Rapture.

There you have it from the media elite. Christians who believe in the Bible, who believe that Christ lived and will return for his church are ... fruitcakes.