Cheat-Seeking Missles

Saturday, November 13, 2004

"We're Complex, So Excuuuuuuse Us"

Newspapers, so quick to challenge any accounting discrepency or possible overpayment that turns up in reviews of Halliburton's incredibly challenging efforts to provide logistical support to the Iraqi war effort have this to say about their own efforts to post accurate circulation figures that advertisers can trust:

''All newspapers know that circulation departments are big, complex, far-flung operations." That's Gary B. Pruitt, chairman, pres., and CEO of the McClatchy newspaper chain, which has been notified by the Securities and Exchange Commission that its circulation figures are under review.

Translation: We can't be expected to know how many newspapers we sell a day in our little burg, but Halliburton can't be excused from any error that occurs in purchasing, moving and providing tons of materials to troops in a hostile war zone. Nice.