Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, November 12, 2004

Republican Slayer on Medved

A very unsettling interview on Michael Medved Thursday afternoon. A guy called in who was so angry about the election that he declared he was ready to join an armed movement against Republicans. He was, of course, thick-headed, defensive, argumentative and unwilling, or unable, to address any of the questions addressed to him.

This all plays up the emotionalism that is the foundation of Liberalism, and the anti-Christian, anti-God rage that fuels the edges of the Democratic party. Were they brain-based instead of heart-based, they would understand that Bush is just someone who's term they're counting down the days on.

The leftist bias of the media is at least partially culpable. These crazed, bitter and paranoid people believe what they read -- like the examples below -- and worse than believing what they read, they believe the press is right-leaning and suppressing the real "truths" about Jews wanting to rule the world, Bush in kahoots with Osama and God only knows what else.