Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Saving Private X

Today's Indianapolis Star (hat tip Real Clear Politics) has an article that bitch-slaps the MSM for their coverage of the Marine shooting the wounded insurgent in the mosque. Written by university professor (there is hope!) David Perlmutter at Louisiana State, the article makes the point that for all their effectiveness, U.S. troops are the more disciplined and kinder fighting force in every war they wage.

Drawing on scenes from Saving Private Ryan and quotes from German and Japanese prisoners of war, Perlmutter concludes that if we attack the Marines in Fallujah, then we also attack the "Best and the Brightest" who won World War II. Got that Brokaw?

His thesis, though, is broader and more troubling: We have sanitized war in textbooks because educators feel combat reality will be too upsetting for young minds. As a result, when incidents like the Fallujah mosque shooting occur, we now have two full generations of young Americans view who them without having been taught context.

Perlmutter's email is included in the article. After you read it, send him a well deserved thank you.