Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, November 15, 2004

"Sour Grapes Are Political Juvenility"

Here's a list of apologies we'd all like to receive from the Democrats. It's from an OC Register op/ed by Eric Patterson, an Asst. Prof. of Political Science at Vanguard University, a great Christian liberal arts college in Costa Mesa.
  • First, an apology. I'm ready for them to show a little respect to the man they have belittled as an ignoramus for the past four years. More importantly, I'd like an apology to me and the majority of Americans who are being denigrated as rubes for being "duped" once again by the president and Karl Rove. We made our decision based on what we thought was best for the country, and the condescension of the liberal press is insulting.
  • Second, I would like to see cooperation from elected Democrats, especially in the Senate. Instead of threatening filibusters, stonewalling judicial appointments and the like, it is time for them to represent the national interest, not sulk at losing additional seats in Washington. It's time for the Democrats to realize that the operative term is loyal opposition.
  • Third, the Democrats need to moderate their own "poisonous discourse." The real venom of the 2004 campaign came from Michael Moore and Al Franken as well as liberal PACs and 527s like Move- On. org and George Soros' Joint Victory Campaign. They did more than mock the president and his supporters: Their campaign disintegrated to outright falsehood, as in the forged National Guard documents aired by Dan Rather. The Democrats may call for civil moderation, but talk is cheap - very, very cheap.