Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, November 15, 2004

MSM Dissects Kerry Campaign

We all knew it would happen, and with last week's Newsweek, it began. Kerry-leaning media, given access to the insides of the presidential campaign on the condition they wouldn't publish until after the election, are publishing. And the results, deftly summarized by Howard Kurtz in today's Washington Post, are predictable, but good reading nonetheless.
  • Teresa was a major bummer, killing crowd enthusiasm and hammering endlessly on the candidate and his staff. She even wanted them to set up a debate between her and Howard Dean!
  • Kerry was even more cranky and indecisive than he was portrayed in MSM. "I couldn't get the man to make decisions," said former campaign manager Jim Jordan.
  • They continue to be blind to Dem campaign recklessness and clueless as to the nature and significance of the morality vote, as evidenced by this from Joe Klein at Time: "John Kerry ran an honorable, if not entirely competent campaign, while the Republicans skimmed the outskirts of the acceptable with their nonstop negativity. And why give ammunition to oleaginous telecharlatans, like James Dobson of Focus on the Family, who have been puffing all over the airwaves since Nov. 2 demanding their pound of policy flesh?" Calling Dobson a charlatan is not a good prescriptive for the Dems.