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Thursday, November 18, 2004

That Confusing Morality Thing

Dems take note: You'd better change your terminology to The Vast Moralist Conspiracy.

Yesterday, the nation's Roman Catholic bishops voted overwhelmingly to join an alliance with Christian churches. There's more here, but this is the significant paragraph:

The bishops also agreed to launch a multiyear initiative that would aim to strengthen marriage by, among other projects, raising awareness about church teaching on the importance of the sacrament and providing resources for church programs on preventing divorce.

The nation's 67 million Catholics, in league with mainline Protestants, Orthodox Christians and black and other minority churches, organized to promote marriage, is a harrowing prospect for the Moore/Garafolo/Newsome wing of the Democratic Party. The Dems' choice is getting more and more like Sophie's. They must choose between two things they love: The gay/ACLU agenda and winning elections.