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Friday, March 07, 2008

White Bears And Black People

Remember a couple days ago when I wrote about John Coleman (former owner of The Weather Channel) recommending lawsuits against Al Gore and other sellers of carbon credits as a way to fight back against global warming hysteria? Well, quick as a polar ice cap build-up, it looks like we've got a potentially powerful anti-global warming hysteria lawsuit -- from the Congress of Racial Equality!

I can't find the release on CORE's circa 1995 Web site, so trust me on this:

CORE's Roy Innis Says Energy Costs Will Rise If Environmentalists Have Their Way, Hurting American Minorities and the Working Poor

NEW YORK (March 6, 2008) - Congress of Racial Equality Chairman Roy Innis is promising to sue the Bush Administration if it lists the polar bear as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act because such a listing will drive up energy prices and hurt America's working poor more than any other element of society.

Speaking this week at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York City, Innis said an ESA listing of the polar bear would give environmental extremists a powerful weapon with which to stop energy development in the Lower 48 -- from oil and natural gas production to construction of needed coal-fired and other power plants to even renewable fuels facilities.

Innis said that this will "result in higher energy prices across the board which will disproportionately be borne by minorities. It will cause countless families in our country in winters ahead to choose between food on the table and fuel in the furnace."

Innis, a long-time civil-rights activist, said "energy is the master resource of modern society ... with abundant, reliable, affordable energy, much is possible. Without it, hope, opportunity and progress are hobbled.

"Laws and policies that restrict access to America's abundant energy drive up the price of energy and consumer goods. They cause widespread layoffs, leaving unemployed workers and families struggling to survive, as the cost of everything they eat, drive, wear and do spirals out of control. They could roll back some of the civil rights progress for which civil rights revolutionaries and Dr. (Martin Luther) King died."

An ESA listing for the polar bear -- which could come in the next few weeks -- has been pushed by environmental elitist groups as a means of slowing economic growth and forcing climate change regulation onto the American people through the Endangered Species Act.
Of course, polar bears aren't endangered or threatened. They've survived warm spells in the past. Their sea ice is back thicker than it has been in years.

But what does that matter? Listing the bear would trigger anti-global warming laws and regs from the federal government and that's all the Greenies and Warmies care about. They are incredibly adept at exploiting the Endangered Species Act to stop growth, economic progress, and the advancement of humanity -- as I just witnessed this morning at a presentation by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California regarding the 30% water supply cuts they may have to make soon, in large part because Greenies used ESA to list the Delta smelt.

The smelt was targeted for listing because it accomplished their desire to reduce water deliveries, accomplishing their goal of stopping or slowing growth. The polar bear is targeted because its listing will force draconian economic and growth control regulations disguised as climate control regulations.

Oh, and both are great for fund-raising.

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