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Friday, December 28, 2007

Dying Polar Bear Rebuttal Kit

A funny thing happens when you search for polar bear images on the Internet.

You find a lot of pictures like this one depicting the species as cute and vulnerable, in keeping with the Greenie/Warmie mantra that all nature is cuddly and in need of protection. That protection, of course, always comes in the form of the curtailment of human advancement.

What you really have to search for are pictures like this, that show polar bears as they are -- majestic, for sure, but also fierce, nasty, brutally self-sufficient, and not much concerned with what people are up to.

"Oh, but it's the bigger picture!" the Warmies cry. "The bears don't know they're going to go extinct unless we stop global warming!"'

True enough. They don't know ... and neither do we. In fact, evidence is mounting that the polar poster child of the Warmie movement is not at risk at all, and that the more we study polar bears, the more the entire global warming religion seems about as sound as Scientology or Est.

With a hat-tip to Ymarsakar, here's a digest of an extensive post on the subject you can find at Benning's Writing Pad:
  1. Polar bears survived through a warm spell considerably hotter than predictions the Warmies make for our future. This is now known for certain because an ancient polar bear jaw was found to be 130,000 years old -- dating the species to the toasty Eemian period. (source)

  2. While they are obligate species, i.e., dependent on a particular environment, they are not as vulnerable as Warmies would have you think. This was demonstrated by the recent find of a polar bear/grizzly hybrid conceived in the wild -- not through a chance encounter, because the polar bear female requires a lengthy mating ritual before an egg will be release.

  3. While the mainstream Warmie belief is that shrinking polar ice is the result of warmer air, Benning points out that polar air remains well below freezing most of the time and blames increased undersea volcanic activity for rising ocean temperatures. Of course, removing all the SUVs and taming the Chinese beast will do nothing to curtail magma flows.

  4. And, in defiance of Warmie dogma, polar bear populations aren't dropping precipitously. As said at Moonbattery, "Even if the Goracle's most frenetic fantasies were to come true, and the North Pole were to melt in the foreseeable future, people living in northern latitudes will still get eaten by polar bears."
Could we send Big Al their way?

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