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Monday, March 03, 2008

Poll Check

Super Tuesday II has turned out some pretty definitive polling on the Dem side (why bother with the GOP side?), so it'll be interesting to see how accurate the polls are after the fog of war starts blowing off the Texas and Ohio battlefields tomorrow evening.

First, to Texas, where the RCP average says it's a squeaker:
Clinton: 46.8%
Obama: 46.5%
With a margin of error of .3%, it's a statistical dead heat -- at least for now. Tomorrow we'll find out for sure.

Ohio offers up a nice contrast to Texas, with the polls showing Clinton pulling away in the final days to enjoy a strong lead, according to RCP:
Clinton: 49.3%
Obama: 42.9%
Seeing these results, my Inside-the-Beltway mom turned to her hubby and said, "There go our dreams." Obama folks, you know, all dreamy this time around.

Let's hope so. Go Hillary! Keep those Dems dazed and confused!

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