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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Religion Of Peace Update

This just in to the C-SM Comparative Religions Desk:
BAGHDAD (AP)- The U.S. military announced the capture Saturday of an insurgent leader who was recruiting and training women, including his wife, to wrap themselves in explosives and blow themselves up — the latest sign that al-Qaida in Iraq plans to keep using women to carry out suicide attacks is unspeakably vile, thoroughly evil and on an express train bound for Hell.
As you recall, it was just a month ago that al-Qaida in Iraq strapped explosives to two mentally retarded women, sent them into a crowded marketplace, and blew them up by remote control, killing at least 73 Muslims guilty of the crime of shopping.

The AP article says it's not clear whether a-Q is using women because it is having trouble recruiting men, or because women are harder to detect since they walk around in tents. A third option was untouched: That Islam treats women so disgustingly badly that (1) it makes more sense to the Islamic mind to blow up a useless woman than it does to destroy a male, or (2) that forever-subjugated and belittled women are less likely to say no when some guy tells the to strap on C4 for Allah.

Whatever the reason, this is the unholy, committed, violent, dangerous enemy we are facing and killing in Iraq. In Iraq. Not Manhattan or Dubuque. The Left is still trying to figure out why that's a good thing.

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