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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Day, Another $6 Billion

Clinging by her manicured nails to her life's calling, Hillary Clinton has decided to woo those who who previously supported the other candidate with manicured nails -- John Edwards. And she's following the formula Dems always use:

Other people's money = Your compassion

This time it's $6 billion a year for child poverty, on top of the $137 billion a year and $110 billion one-time stimulus she's already proposing in other programs.

Last time I checked, children in poverty were already covered by somewhere between 17 and 396 federal programs. But this new brainstorm from Hillary -- she cares about children, you know -- will give poor kids "greater access to healthy, fresh food." Why haven't we thought to put government in that business before?

There's probably a huge demographic of poor parents who want the government to provide their children with fresh strawberries and parsnips. Hopefully they all live in Ohio and Texas, and will switch their primary votes from that stingy Barrack "Give 'em canned food" Obama, thereby keeping the Dem's anguish alive a bit longer.

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