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Monday, February 25, 2008

Expensive Promises

Have you ever thought about adding up all the Dem Prez candidate fiscal promises?

Yeah, I know. It's an intimidating thought and a daunting task. The fear of the hours it would take have kept me from doing it, but today USA Today bites off the big pieces and asks the question: Who's going to pay for all this.

First, Hillary's promises:
That's $137 billion in new government expense annually and a $110 billion one-time stimulus program -- and those are just the high-profile programs that, if elected, Clinton would ask a Democratic candidate to pass.

Over at Obamarama, he's got the following new big hand-outs lined up:
That's $197 billion in new spending programs for Mr. Happy's top programs, which proves it costs $60 billion more a year to be a completely out-of-touch Democratic televangelist than it cost to be a typical tax-and-spend Democrat.

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