Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, February 29, 2008

Wednesday's Winners

It's been a bit of a while since a Cheat-Seeking Missiles post made the big times at the Watcher of Weasel's weely festival of good e-stuff, but the drought is over. My peers on the Watcher's Council voted my entry, In A PC Nation, How Will The GOP Run? as the best post of the week.

The challenge the GOP will face this year running against all the "ists" that will be thrown at it is an intreguing subject for a message guy like me, and I'm grateful others found my musings interesting enough for a vote. If anyone knows the email address of McCain's communications guy, please forward it to him.

Two outstanding posts (both of which got votes from me) were tied for second.

Soccer Dad's Find the Adjectives presents a clever to fisking a story, since in straight reporting there should be precious few of these colorful little words. By focusing on the adjectives, SD was able to show just how biased an article on Palestinians and Israelis was. Guess which way the story tilted.

Wolf Howling's Obama (with links) & McCain's Petard is a must-read tutorial if you're not up on the intracacies of election law. The picture it paints of Obama is anything but one of a conciliator.

Over on the non-Council side, the winner is from a blog called My Shrapnel, named after some Islamist terrorist residue that's now inside an Israeli survivor of a suicide bombing. In this post, To Die in Jerusalem, Part II, the author confronts a filmmaker apologist for suicide bombers, showing the awesome power words can have.

Runner up went to an American Thinker post by Lance Fairchok, The Fierce Urgency of LiesThe Fierce Urgency of Lies, on a topic I've written about: The religious devotion of Obama supporters.

See all the winners here.

Thanks, as always, Watcher, for oiling the gears of this commentary machine.