Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, March 07, 2008

Watcher's Winners

I thought this week's Watcher's Council reading list boiled down to a slug-out between the heavyweight champs, the seasoned pro Big Lizards and the young tough, Wolf Howling -- but what was I doing in this ring?

As it turns out, Big Lizards strapped on the champ's belt after the match, just as I thought he would, with a piece every Obama-charmed person in America should read, Chicago Rules. It shows how at his heart, Obama is an old-time Chicago pol who will use every trick to win.

Wolf Howling came in a close second, as I thought he would, with The Dershowitz Questions, a frightening appraisal of the difficulty we will have fighting Salafi/Wahhibist Islam.

And there with him was me, tied for second, with a piece I worked on over a couple days (unlike my usual 20-30 minute post), The Rape of Rape On American Campuses.

On the alien (non-Council) side, Power Line's Dissecting the 60 Minutes Scandal got my vote and a bunch of others and came in first. Think Perry Mason. Prosecuting the case is 60 Minutes, and they've just seen their chief witness left crying in the witness stand following cross-examination by defense attorney John Hinderaker, her credibility shattered and her sanity in question.

Thanks, Watcher, for emceeing this bout. It was as blogging matches should be -- rough, tumble, interesting and enlightening.