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Thursday, February 07, 2008

OC Traitor Dead? Let's Hope!

Orange County's most infamous native son, Adam Gadahn, bin Laden's hate-spewing, turncoat, traitor mouthpiece, may have died in last Thursday's killer attack on senior al-Qaeda blood-luster Abu Laith al-Libi.

Gadahn's grandparents were liberal Jewish leaders in Orange County and now he is/was one of the world's premier Jew-haters.

His parents were mellow hippie goat-farmers with multi-culti coursing through their drug-soaked brains. It was Pop's goat sales to OC's first mosque that introduced their son to Islam -- and that's cool man, you know, because God is God is God, you know? Far out.

In no time, the preachers of the Religion of Peace had converted Gadahn into a new man: hateful, vicious and Hell-bound.

And now, if the rumors are right, he's reached that well-deserved location.

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