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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"If You're A Good Believer, You'll Kill Your Parents."

In the third and final installment of the OCRegister's investigation into Adam Yahiye Gadahn, Azzam the American on al Qaeda tapes, we learn of his mentors, Hisham Diab and Khalil al-Deek, who tutored the young Islam convert in the mean ways of Islamism.

After Adam Gadahn's conversion in 1995, Diab and Deek were drilling the teenager "24-7" on their version of Islam, [Saraah Olson, ex-wife of Diam] said. Gadahn was barred from talking to his own family and was told that "if you're a good believer, you'll kill them."

"They were his parents," said Olson of Gadahn's relationship with Diab and Deek. "They were very strict and mean. But they were his parents."

Ryan Olson, now 20, remembers Gadahn as polite and considerate compared to the other men, who beat him and treated him like a servant. Gadahn worked hard to fit in with others in the secretive, cult-like group, Ryan Olson said.

The grandson of a Jew, Gadahn heartily joined in when a group of fundamental Muslims gathered for their weekly Friday-night meetings in apartments in Anaheim and Garden Grove. While drinking tea and coffee and eating sweets, the group of 50 to 60 men would preach about "the ongoing corruption of the West" and their hatred for Israel, the Olsons remembered.

The culprit "always came down to being described as 'Jews,' " Ryan Olson said. " 'Jews who are running America. Jews who are running Israel.' Jews this and Jews that."

The conversion of the grandson of a liberal Jew was complete. Gadahn was hate-filled enough to be accepted by Qaeda.

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