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Monday, September 25, 2006

Kerry Gets It Wrong In Two Theaters

NATO troops have been kicking butt in Afghanistan:

Lt. Gen. David Richards, head of the 20,000-strong NATO-led force in Afghanistan, said the insurgents have been forced out of the volatile former Taliban heartland, and reconstruction and development efforts there would soon begin.

Alliance officials have said more than 500 militants were killed during the two-week operation, centered mainly in Panjwai, Pashmul and Zhari districts of southern Kandahar province. (source)

There's a sharp focus on Afghanistan in response to new stirrings by the Taliban -- we are not about to concede control of the nation to the thugs who so decimated it until we tossed them out.

Now, for the John Kerrys amoung you, a history lesson: NATO is what you call an alliance. It's not unilateralism, it's nations working together toward a common end.

In other words, using NATO is kind of thing John Kerry likes; it's the next best thing to using the U.N. Kerry doesn't like Bush because he's a cowboy, pursuing unilateralism, not mulitlateralism.

So what's with this Kerry op/ed, from today's WSJ?
We cannot allow Afghanistan to become a terrorist stronghold and a staging ground for attacks on America.

If Washington seems to have forgotten Afghanistan, it is clear the Taliban and al Qaeda have not. Less than five years after American troops masterfully toppled the Taliban, the disastrous diversion in Iraq has allowed these radicals the chance to rise again. Time is running out to reverse an unfolding disaster in the war we were right to fight after 9/11.
Did Kerry's staff forget to tell him about the NATO offensive? Did the candidate simply tire of bashing America via Iraq and decide to change theaters?

Not exactly. Kerry wants to use Afghanistan as a cover for withdrawl from Iraq. His op/ed calls for 5,000 US troops from Iraq to be redeployed to Afghanistan.

Were that to happen, he would immediately write that Bush has not committed enough troops to Iraq.

This is a presidential candidate? The man is a fool.

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