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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Quote of the Day: Freakin' Edition

"I'm still waiting for the first father to tell me he doesn't mind his daughter dancing that way."
Aliso Niguel High School Principal Charles Salter

Salter recently cancelled future dances at Aliso Niguel High School after witnessing kids "freakin'" and a recent dance. He said freakin' -- which basically involves groin and butt contact grinding -- looked like "simulated sex" and verged on sexual harassment -- in fact, 20 percent of the school's students agreed in a recent poll that freakin' freaked them out sexually.

In a sign that our crumbling civilization may not be crumbling all that fast, 700 parents showed up at a meeting at the high school yesterday -- and applauded Salter for his action. Reports the OC Register:
The decision has sparked discussions among parents, students and education officials about the roles of parents and schools. Salter said he had received letters of support from as far away as Michigan.

"It's an issue that is not just related to our school," said Robert Healand, a parent of a freshman at the school.

In New Hampshire, a school recently banned school dances because of the dance.
I am reminded of early bans on rock 'n roll, and pray that 20 years from now, as students are copulating on the dance floor, they don't look back at Salter's ban as a quaint anachronism from a more innocent time.

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