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Friday, September 22, 2006

Dems To Run On Economy?!

As the economy continues to hum along with low unemployment, dropping oil prices and a healthy stock market, Howie Dean leads his WSJ op/ed today with:
We need a Democratic Congress to fight the war on terror -- and to end the war on America's families. Republican policies of the last five years have damaged our economy and failed Americans. Democrats believe strengthening the middle class is essential for a thriving economy that rewards work, provides economic opportunity to all and makes it easier for parents to devote time to their families. An economy that favors the top 1% at the expense of everyone else might be good for President Bush's politics, but a shrinking middle class is bad for capitalism, democracy and America. We need a new direction.
Nothing in that message rings true except with the angry poor and the university intelligensia -- too small a voting block to get the Dems anywhere.

Howie follows with seven econ bullets, nearly all of which can be answered simply by pointing to the failed U.S. education system and the declining intelligence and employability of its graduates. That's a problem which is wholly the product of the Democrats -- those that run its unions and those that enable its destruction in Congress and the courts.

Finally, near the bottom of the column, Howie gets to Iraq, and he's got a new reason for leaving: We need better public transportation!
The president's failures in Iraq are also hurting our economy, our country and our ability to fight the war on terror. We are spending $8 billion a month in Iraq -- that's $267 million a day. Consider that for what we spend in three weeks in Iraq, we could make needed improvements to secure our public transportation system
Let's see ... Iranian nukes in New York or new bus lines in Scranton? Which will it be?

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