Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, September 25, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Dense, Dense Foggy Bottom Edition

"To deny habeas corpus to our detainees can be seen as prescription for how the captured members of our own military, diplomatic and NGO (non-governmental organization) personnel stationed abroad may be treated. The Congress has every duty to insure their protection."
-- 33 Former Diplomats

In their criticism of the terrorist interrogation bill deal struck last week, these 33 former diplomats who wrote Congress of their concerns underscored the word "former" in their title.

The only people who would threaten "our own military, diplomatic and NGO personnel" overseas, and who would not be granted habeas corpus if captured, are the ones who wouldn't give a pig's whistle about habeas corpus. The proposed bill covers only the ones who behead for jihad, not because of diplomatic tiffs.

So many of the problems we face in fighting the jihadists come from this sort of Sept. 10th thinking by people who defend the position that we should treat Khalid Sheikh Mohammed no differently than Col. Klink treated Col. Hogan.

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