Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Reading

Twenty-five blog posts for your consideration: The Watcher has posted this week's picks for some of the most interesting and important reading on the Internet this week -- including one from the always interesting Ace of Spades HQ that requires a bit of title-censoring!

Enjoy the reading. The Council voteth on Thursday and you'll seeth the results on Friday morning.

Council links:

  1. What Did I Miss?
    Done With Mirrors
  2. California Legislature Intent On Violating California Constitution
    Rhymes With Right
  3. Freedom, But From What?
    Bookworm Room
  4. Detering the Deterrers
    Soccer Dad
  5. Why? What? When?
    The Glittering Eye
  6. I'd Like To Buy Into It, But Then I Read On...
    The Colossus of Rhodey
  7. "Surge a Failure, Democrats Tell General"
    Big Lizards
  8. Just When You Thought You Had Something Figured Out
    ‘Okie’ on the Lam
  9. LA Times: "No Blood For Oil" Lackey
    Cheat Seeking Missiles
  10. Exploitation?
    The Education Wonks
  11. America Must Be Defeated!
  12. Is War With Iran Now Just a Matter of Time?
    Right Wing Nut House
Non-council links:
  1. "Conservatives" and the Lacrosse Case
    The Volokh Conspiracy
  2. Chemerinsky and Drake To Do Beer Commercials?
    Captain's Quarters
  3. Dead Eyes
    Acute Politics
  4. In Context
    In Context
  5. "al Qaidastan" Rising
  6. Chomsky Recollects
    Oliver Kamm
  7. Iraq the Model
    Hugh Hewitt
  8. Hillary Missed "Mister Soldier" Moment
    The Anchoress
  9. Terrorists Have Been Arrested at Texas Border
    StormWarning's Counterterrorism
  10. Voting 'Rights' Bill for DC Fails
    Captain's Quarters (2)
  11. Taking Away Rights and Calling It a "Right"
    Classical Values
  12. Looking to Madison
    The QandO Blog
  13. Psychologist Reads Rosie's Revelations; Diagnoses Her As Suffering From "Advanced Brain****"
    Ace of Spades HQ
  14. Book Review: Culturism