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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hsu v. Abramoff: Scoundrels Compared

Jack Abramoff, besides being a bit more equal opportunity than Norman Hsu, is the leader in the two-man race for most nefarious political fundraiser, as shown in this graphic from Suitably Flip, a repository of Hsu contribution data.

What's really interesting about Hsu is that he was, at his heart, a Hillary guy. Everything else was pretty much window dressing. His total Hil giving was $877,600 according to Suitably Flip, with second-place Andrew Cuomo at $138,200. The closest Dem Prez candidate to Hil is Obama at $78,000 -- less than a tenth of Hil's take.

Abramoff's gift-giving was obvious. He was buying influence for his lobbying clients, and he therefore spread the dough around.

Hsu remains, as we probably can't say of Asians anymore, inscrutable. But one thing is painfully clear from the data: Hsu expected her to be the next president, and he expected his giving to provide access.

Obviously, a conning clothes peddler doesn't need that kind of access. Nor would an aging and ripped off Woodstock investor.

The finger points still towards China, the Clintons' old friend, and the military industrialists there who have an ongoing hankering for U.S. military know-how. That's a bottom I hope we get to in this investigation -- but don't count on that happening if it's Prez Hill.

Hat-tip: memeorandum

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