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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Litvinenko Suspect May Dodge Prosecution

It's as if O.J. Simpson avoided prosecution by getting elected to Congress. In Russia, where being elected to Parliament gives one immunity against such piddling charges as murder, a key suspect in the Polonium-210 murder of Alexander Litvenenko has announced he's running ... not from the law, but to the lawmakers.

Andrei Lugovoi is running for a seat for the Liberal Democratic Party, a nationalist party, says BBC.

Britain wants Lugovoi extradited as a key suspect in the Litvenenko murders. Russia refuses the extradition request and its early promise of cooperation in the investigation of the murderer has become a typical Russian wall of denial.

I was looking back over my old posts on this matter and found that the OJ Simpson idea had occurred to me before:
In what must be the biggest non-surprise in cloak and dagger history, British prosecutors have charged Andrei Lugovoy with the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, the polonium-poisoned Putin critic.

Litvinenko had met Lugovoy and another Russian businessman, Dmitry Kovtun, at London's Millennium Hotel last November, a few hours before falling severely ill. It took him three weeks to die, as the polonium attacked his organs and he wasted away in pain and anger.

The Russians apparently hired O.J. Simpson as their strategy czar on this one, as they reportedly started their own investigation into who killed Litvinenko. Last we heard, they were chasing down leads ... and air-headed women ... on Florida golf courses. They tell us they're getting closer, but to what, they're not saying.

Obviously, Russia under Vladamir Putin is not yet ready to be a legitimate nation.

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