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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Next They'll Be Saying Birkenstocks Aren't Hip

For a full-body take-down of the organic food movement, spend a little time with this article in the Aussie popular science mag Cosmos. Here's a wee excerpt:
THE SURPRISING FACT IS that this mass migration to organic food has not been on the back of scientific evidence. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find comprehensive evidence that organic food is healthier – either for us or the planet. Nevertheless, in the public consciousness, organic farming is unquestioningly bundled with the reigning moral imperatives of sustainability, protecting the environment and reducing greenhouse gases.
Besides making you feel all healthy and hip, organic food gives you increased toxicity, lower yields, and no nutritional benefits. The only thing I don't agree with on the paragraph above is the way it starts, "the surprising fact."

I see nothing surprising there at all. When you turn your back on all the advances of man's God-given intelligencce you ought to expect things to be worse, not better.

hat-tip: Reason via memeorandum

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