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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fight, Fight, Fight!

What a non-surprise:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed on Wednesday to block former Solicitor General Theodore Olson from becoming attorney general if President George W. Bush nominates him to replace Alberto Gonzales.

Congressional and administration officials have described Olson as a leading contender for the job as the nation's chief U.S. law enforcement officer, but Reid declared: "Ted Olson will not be confirmed" by the Senate.

"He's a partisan, and the last thing we need as an attorney general is a partisan," Reid told Reuters in a brief hallway interview on Capitol Hill.

Since when was an attorney general not partisan? Janet Reno was more than a tad partisan in her four successful races for Florida atty gen, ya think? Bobby Kennedy had a streak of Jack-protecting partisanship running in his blue-blooded veins.

Olson is of course a partisan's partisan, forever ticking off Dems, first for running anti-Bill efforts in the 1990s, then representing Bush in Bush v. Gore.

And what a non-surprise that Bush nominated yet another difficult nominee.

Yes, of course Olson is eminently qualified for the job -- a penultimate lawyer, a good administrator -- but really, what's with Bush picking yet another unnecessary fight? The AG need not be a Weapon of Political Destruction,. There are plenty of guys and gals out there who are good party guys who know law and how to run a big operation.

I'm tired of these fights, these opportunities for the Dems to grandstand and tear down the GOP. Someone might want to advise Bush that it's a Dem Congress.

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