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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Proper Headline For Today

I just love the use of Yiddish in this headline; turn the screws, turn the screws:

Under that headline, OCReg columnist Gordon Dillow makes the same argument I made regarding the case of Muslim welfare cheat Souhair Khatib, who is suing OC after a jail deputy made her remove her hijab. He said:
It's actually pretty easy to avoid having to give up some of your religious rights in the Orange County jail system.

For starters, you can simply not commit welfare fraud.
I said:
If she's that devout, she should have felt more defiled when she was committing welfare fraud. I would hope that not being a stinking, lousy welfare cheat would be viewed by Islam to be a greater sin than not having a scarf on your head.
Really, it's not just Khatib who's got the chutzpah; it's the entire Islamic movement, with its crying for tolerance towards the poor, suffering Muslims while offering precious little of it to the poor, dead, blown apart non-Muslims killed in the name of Allah.

In the spirit of World Infidel Day, I'll show my soft side to Khatib. Hey, Souhair, put on your hijab and I'll take you to that nice pork BBQ place for lunch!

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