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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Feminists' Never-Ending Fear

I heard the founder of Code Pink, Medea Benjaminon (shown here with her mouth in its normal position), the radio yesterday, controlling herself, working hard to sound normal. She even said at one point that she encouraged alternative points of view and would invite questioners at rallies to come on up, take the mike and state their views.

What a liar. She is a shrill feminist, and as a feminist, she is really more akin to this:

After a group of UC Davis women faculty began circulating a petition, UC regents rescinded an invitation to Larry Summers, the controversial former president of Harvard University, to speak at a board dinner Wednesday night in Sacramento. The dinner comes during the regents' meeting at UCD next week.

Summers gained notoriety for saying that innate differences between men and women could be a reason for under-representation of women in science, math and engineering. ...

UCD professor Maureen Stanton, one of the petition organizers, was delighted by news of the change this morning, saying it's “a move in the right direction.”

“UC has an enormous historical commitment to diversity within its faculty ranks, but still has a long way to go before our faculty adequately represent the diversity of our constituency, the people of California,” said Stanton, professor and chairwoman of the section of evolution and ecology. (source)
Diversity? The Left has redefined diversity in their clouded minds, so it now means full acceptance of those who they feel good about and unity in rejecting they don't' feel good about. That is not diversity, not by a long shot.

Stanon, by the way, is a professor of evolution and biology. She should understand the evolutionary (God-given) differences between men and women better than most and should have no patience with people who don't accept what Summers said as truth. But truth hasn't got in the way of feminism yet, and it appears unlikely to start any time soon.

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