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Monday, September 17, 2007

Shameless Chuck Hems On Mukasey

If we could all play poker with Dem Senators, we'd be rich. They are all just so easy to read!

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote this after detailing Chuckie "Schemer" Schumer's long support for Bush's AG nominee Judge Michael Mukasey as a consensus candidate acceptable to the Dems:
Bush is (finally) going with consensus nominee so anyone but a shameless partisan will be forced to accept the nomination.

Prepare yourself: The shameless partisans will be railing shortly.
Today, just a few ticks of the clock later, we read:

In a statement issued last night, the senator was somewhat guarded. "For sure we'd want to ascertain his approach on such important and sensitive issues as wiretapping and the appointment of US attorneys, but he's a lot better than some of the other names mentioned and he has the potential to become a consensus nominee," the statement said. (NY Sun via Capt. Ed)

The Dems seem incapable of ignoring partisan battles today, so I predict that Mukasey's position on wiretapping electronic surveillance and the appointment firing of US attorneys (Nice code-speak, Chuck!) will have nothing much to do with the Dems' review of the his nomination.

Rather, look to their investigator/operatives. No doubt they're all busy today digging into Mukasey's background to look for things much more important than his positions on the bench. Maybe he was once a member of a secret fraternity or a golf course that long ago had racially discriminatory policies. Perhaps he has a nanny problem or a gay child. Maybe he once ruled judiciously on a narrow decision that now can be shamelessly exploited by Schumer.

Shamelessly. In a current radio spot, Dennis Prager is currently caught as close to a rant as he ever gets, and the subject is shamelessness. He points out that the expression "Have you no shame?" has no meaning or significance when addressed to someone who is shameless.

Of course they have no shame; the accusation is meaningless to them. And no one is more shameless than the senior senator from New York ... except, perhaps, the state's junior senator.

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