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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This Explains All Those Crabby Comments

If you thought Keith Olbermann was particularly nasty in MSNBC's analysis of Prez Bush's Iraq speech last week ... Oh, wait. No sane person was watching MSNBC. What am I thinking? ... this may have been the reason:

MSNBC’s rising prime-time [?!] star Keith Olbermann was still hospitalized Monday after undergoing an emergency appendectomy Friday.

Mr. Olbermann’s appendix apparently ruptured Wednesday, but he wrote it off as a stomach ailment and soldiered on. Though still feeling ill, he nonetheless reported for work Thursday night, when he anchored MSNBC’s analysis of President Bush’s prime-time address on the war in Iraq.

It wasn’t until Friday afternoon that he decided it was time to seek medical attention, according to an MSNBC spokeswoman. ...

Mr. Olbermann’s medical emergency benched him from NBC’s “Football Night in America” Sunday, but it’s hoped [by whom, pray tell?] he may be able to return to “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” some time this week. (TV Week)

Actually, astonishingly, MSNBC came in second to Fox on cable coverage of the event, topping CNN at least in the 25-54 age group. So the next time you hear a Lefty rag on and on about Fox, just mention to him/her that MSNBC does a great job of filling the biased-left slot on the cable bandwidth.

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