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Monday, August 06, 2007

Yahoo-China Connection Under Investigation

As Chinese journalist Shi Tao sits in jail for 10 years -- for an email about Chinese restrictions on the media, of all things -- the heat is being turned up on the American company that may have helped put him there.

What Yahoo knew and who it shared it with is now the subject of a Congressional investigation, says WSJ:

Yahoo General Counsel Michael Callahan told lawmakers at a hearing last year that the Sunnyvale, California, company had no information about the nature of the investigation when it provided details about Mr. Shi to Chinese officials, Rep. [Tom] Lantos [D, CA] said.

But the Dui Hua Foundation has released a document that it says shows the Beijing State Security Bureau had written Yahoo saying it wanted email content about Mr. Shi for an investigation into suspected "illegal provision of state secrets to foreign entities."

Yahoo says the truth will prevail and they will be found blameless. I doubt it. Sleep with dirty scum and you're going to get dirty.

It's high time America put China and the companies that partner with the Commies on notice that we stand for something; let's call it freedom, human rights. If it takes a Democrat working with human rights advocates to start getting this mess un-messed, then thank you, Congressman Lantos.

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