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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Why We Can't Trust The EarthTo The Bureaucrats

Give a bureaucrat a checkbook, and he'll tell you he can fix any problem.

Why, he can even convert the state of California's state auto fleet to ethanol and help save the planet! Save the planet? A bureaucrat? Not hardly, says an OC Register editorial:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration for two years has "invested" more than $17 million in a fleet of cars and trucks to be environmentally friendly, but that the 1,138 state vehicles have traveled a combined 10 million miles, burning more than 413,202 gallons of gas – without using a drop of the ethanol they were intended to run on. Oops.

Because the vehicles have used regular gasoline, the so-called "flex-fuel" fleet produced even more pollution than would have been created with conventional gas-burning cars and trucks, according to the Mercury News. ...

On top of that, the Mercury News reports, over 15,000 miles the state's "flex-fuel" mid-sized Chevy Impala creates 8.3 tons of greenhouse gases compared to 7.3 tons from the smaller, petroleum-fueled Ford Focus that it replaced.
California, as you may recall, is leading the way in state-mandated greenhouse gas emission ceilings. Leading the way to where, exactly, we might well ask ourselves.

Why do you suppose the state employees driving these cars are refusing to put ethanol in them?

Because ... and here's bureaucracy functioning at its normal level of inefficiency ... there aren't any ethanol fueling stations in the state! Oh, I lied. There's one, in San Diego ... but the OC Register reports no state vehicle has ever fueled there.

Besides, marketing ethanol as a clean fuel is less than honest. Yes, it's renewable. Yes, it would reduce dependence on jihad-funders as a source of our oil. But it's inefficient and dirty, and you'd think big, smart states like California could (1) do the research and (2) be honest enough to do the right thing instead of the political thing.

Maybe Arnold's just a big, dumb weightlifter after all. Or, in the interest of being less offensive to guys who could easily beat me up, maybe he's' just a big, dumb politician after all.

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