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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Allah Knows Best: Off With Her Head!

Rizana Nafeek is a 19-year-old girl from Sri Lanka who was hired by a well to do Saudi family to be a nanny. While she was bottle-feeding the baby, it started choking. Untrained and in a foreign land, Nafeek did all she could, but it wasn't enough. The baby died.

And now, so will Nafeek. Off with her head! Literally:
If her appeal is turned down, she will be taken to a public square to be publicly beheaded.

The Sri Lankan government says it is working for a reprieve, and has until Monday to file the plea. A last-minute pardon by the infant's parents could also spare her. But if her execution goes ahead, it will be the latest in a surge of beheadings that could surpass the kingdom's record of 191 in 2005. (source)

There's a good reason for the beheadings, says Suhaila Hammad: "Allah, our creator, knows best what's good for his people."
"Allah, I have a terrible headache."

"Hmmm. A headache? I believe I know what's good for you."
As in:

Beheadings are carried out with a sword, with police holding back spectators and making sure no one takes photos. Prisoners, usually sedated, are made to kneel, flanked by clerics and law enforcement officials and facing the victim's family.

"The prisoner now recites verses from the Quran while a government official reads the charges and the verdict," according to an account in Arab New, a Saudi daily. "Halfway through the reading the executioner suddenly nicks the back of the prisoner's neck with his sword, causing him to tense and raise his head involuntarily."

Then, in one swift move, the prisoner is decapitated.

"See, my child? No more headache."
Hammad's' got one of the easiest jobs this of Alpha Centuri: head of Saudi Arabia's National Society for Human Rights. Talk about a job that demands little more than the ability to make paper clip chains!

Nothing could be easier than handling human rights for Saudi Arabia, the country responsible for the crushing of human rights not just within its borders, but throughout the world through its global network of Wahhabi jihad-preaching mosques.

If Nafeek is beheaded for desperately trying to save a baby in her care, while the rich princes countinue to feed jihad, and Allah is pleased by all this, then he is one sick god seeing over one sick religion.

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