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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Here She Is, Mrs. bin Laden

It's an eyebrow-archer when a 51-year-old woman marries a 27-year-old man, especially if it's after a one-week whirlwind romance.

But when the groom's name is bin Laden, Omar bin Laden, 4th son of Osama, and the woman is a Brit ... well, that will grab a headline or two.

Jane Felix-Browne picked up her fifth hubby after he gazed upon her on horseback near the Great Pyramids of Egypt, sort of a Jane in Arabia thing. Now they're in limbo, he a scrap metal trader in Jedda, she a parish counselor in the village of Moulton. She can't get him into England; he can't get her into Jedda.

But what kind of problem is that if you're in love?

And what kind of problem is it that hubby trained to be a jihadist with Dad, or that the Brits aren't too keen on al-Qaeda types after a couple weeks of fingernail chewing about car bombs. And who really cares if, as Jane told the Times of London, "Omar doesn’t know if it was his father who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. I don’t think we will ever know.”

There are always crazy women available for incredibly dense marriages, like Doreen Lioy, who married Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, and promises to commit suicide when he is executed. They make choices so sensationally beyond the rational that you have to wonder just how deep the crack goes into the pot.

Pretty darn deep:

“If I can do anything because of who I am married to and try to end some of the fighting in the world then I will do it.

“Omar trusts me and has supported me is speaking publicly about our marriage and about our plans to campaign for peace. I know a lot about Middle East politics and believe there should be peace in the whole of the world, the same as Omar.”
Well, nothing else has worked, so why not a five-time bride and the son of a terrorist who must have his kinkiness dialed up high? I'm sure all the parties would like to meet with them, if for no reason but to gape in wonder.

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