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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hillarycare Fans, Take Note

Why exactly were so many Muslim doctors involved in the recent bomb plots in England? Could it be that Muslims are among the only people who will put up with England's National Health System?

Mark Steyn thinks so:

Does government health care inevitably lead to homicidal doctors who can't wait to leap into a flaming SUV and drive it through the check-in counter? No. But government health care does lead to a dependence on medical staff imported from other countries.

Some 40 percent of Britain's practicing doctors were trained overseas – and that percentage will increase, as older native doctors retire, and younger immigrant doctors take their place. According to the BBC, "Over two-thirds of doctors registering to practice in the UK in 2003 were from overseas – the vast majority from non-European countries." Five of the eight arrested are Arab Muslims, the other three Indian Muslims.
Medicine has become such an unattractive career choice that the sons and daughters of British families that have been physicians for generations are not applying to med school. In their place come doctors trained in backwater med schools whose immigration paperwork was processed at warp speed.
So today the NHS is hungry for medical personnel from almost anywhere on the planet, so hungry that the government set up special fast-track immigration programs: Mohammed Asha, Mohammed Haneef and their comrades didn't even require a work permit to come and practice as doctors in state hospitals. You don't have to be the smartest jihadist in the cave to see that as an opportunity, any more than it required no great expertise for the 9/11 killers to figure that the quickest place to get the picture IDs with which they boarded the planes was through Virginia's "undocumented worker" network.
There is so much evidence from Cuba to Canada to England that national healthcare is really a national nightmare, yet Hillary and the trailing Dems continue to push for it, more eager to keep the big nurse and hospital worker unions happy than us healthy.

And we haven't even thought about the security side of this losing proposition!

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