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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Horrible Enough Yet? How About Now?

It's as if the Islamofascists are trying to convince the world they really, really are reprehensible. Each outrage has to be more tragic, evil and despicable than the last.

It's no longer enough to blow up a mosque. People have hardened to that. It's no longer enough to kill 10 or 20 or 30 innocents in a car bomb; barely makes the news. So:
At least 115 people were killed and more than 200 others injured in a suicide bomb attack on Saturday in northern Iraq, authorities told a local TV station.

A local senior police officer put the death toll from the attack, which occurred in a Shiite village near Tuz Khormato in northern Iraq, at 150, according to the Associated Press.

Authorities fear the death toll will increase as rescue workers continue to search for people trapped under collapsed buildings at the site.

Many of the victims in the village with a Turkmen majority were reportedly women, children and elderly who were in a crowded outdoor market targeted by a suicide truck bomber. (AP via Breitbart)

Cars aren't enough any more for al-Qaeda. Now they have to use trucks to achieve enough carnage. And for what? They've been doing this insanity for years now, and Iraq still pushes on, struggling to achieve unity and strength.

Only on Capitol Hill does anyone seem to notice the passing bombing, the IED, the evilest efforts of a-Q, as Dems pretend to fret and pansy 'publicans peel off to the dark side.

Meanwhile, we are reminded that when we back Islam, we do so at risk, as Bosnian Muslim general Rasim Delic goes on trial for war crimes:

The indictment specifically mentions the execution of over 20 Bosnian Croats in a massacre in the Bosnian village Maline in June 1993 by units of the 3rd corps of the Bosnian army and mujahedin fighters.

The general also faces charges over murders, acts of torture and beatings carried out by the so-called El Mujahed unit in a detention unit for Bosnian Serb soldiers called Kamenica Camp in July and September 1995. Finally Delic is charged with failing to prevent the rape of three Bosnian Serb women in the same detention camp. ...

After the war several videotapes and photos emerged showing decapitation of Bosnian Serb soldiers by the [El Mujahed] unit. A number of ex-Islamic fighters confirmed in interviews that the tapes were made by the El Mujahed unit. (AFP via Brietbart)

Beheadings, rapes, torture, mass murders of civilians -- by the side we backed in Clinton's war. Yet he can do no wrong according to the Left. And al-Qaeda's only misbehaving because we're hegemonic. And Bush is the bad guy.

I don't know which is spinning faster, my head or my stomach.

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