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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Human Side Of Politics

Here's former McCain campaign manager John Weaver in one of the most magnificently ugly mea culpas of all time:
“We had a spending problem, a message problem, a spending problem … that’s nobody’s fault but mine. We began the campaign believing our own b.s., and I’m very guilty of that.

“In 2000, I was younger and indestructible and much more aggressive. I went through a divorce and almost died twice with leukemia. It’s gone. The thing that’s so unimaginable is me not on the bus with John.” (New York Magazine)
Of course, Weaver also spent millions on offices, consultants and staff (including his fiancee and her brother), and paid himself $20,000 a month, and left McCain with $24 million less than teh $26 million McCain raised.

In the end, presidential politics is just a bunch of people doing what people do -- be brilliant sometimes, average other times, and downright stupid more often than they care to admit.

(Photo: Scott Goldsmith/Aurora Photos )
hat-tip: Real Clear Politics

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