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Friday, July 13, 2007

Watcher's Winners

Big Lizards was the man again this week, scoring a run-away win in the Watcher's Council's weekly best post voting for High Noonan, his piece on Peggy Noonan. I used to like Noonan a lot -- what a magnificent speechwriter! Lately, she's been bugging me, and Big Liz explains exactly why.

(And, to play up the irony of our world, Noonan writes a pretty good piece today!)

It's always interesting when a Council member submits a post on a topic, say a NYT editorial that's off the charts loopy, and someone nominated a non-council post on the same subject. It happened this week with Joshuapundit self-nominating The NYT -- "Run Away! Run Away!" and someone nominating Don Surber's piece, NYT Surrenders, on the same editorial. Joshuapundit took it handily, coming in second in the Watcher posts, while Surber trailed tied for fourth in the non-council.

My choices for first and second came in third and fourth: Education Wonks' Army Recruitment and the Influencers is a great piece on how his advice to students considering a military career has changed; then Bookworm's Bad Medicine, with its syringe-sharp insights on health care.

My post, Hillary's Grand, Failed Cover-up, was next.

Over on the non-Council side, I was elated that my nominee, Sake White's Human Pre-History, turned in a strong performance. Y comments frequently on my site and his blog is full of unique and thought-provoking posts.

He was topped by Interview with Todd Bensman, from View from a Height, a good interview on immigration threats, and Anti-American July 4th by Zombietime.

You can see all the winners at Watcher of Weasels, who, as usual, earns a big thank you for his work putting this all together.