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Friday, June 08, 2007

LA LA LA LA!! I Can't Hear You!!

"I urge Senator Reid to act quickly to bring this bill back to the Senate floor for a vote, and I urge senators from both parties to support it,"President Bush will say tomorrow of the immigration bill, according to an early released transcript.

"We are not giving up. We are not giving in," Teddy Kennedy is quoted in Reuters.

"We can get this done," said the once popular Jon Kyl in the same article.

Bush did enter another world for a bit there ... a combination of stomach flu and G8 meetings ... but Kennedy and Kyl were right here in the USA. They saw, heard and read the coast to coast dissatisfaction with this bill, but they're ready to resurrect the beast.

Why aren't they giving up on it? Why aren't they giving in to the voice of the people? Why don't they give us a bill that gives us what we want:
  1. Respect for the principles and weight of American citizenship
  2. Respect for the rule of law and penalties for those who break our rules from Sr. Wetback to Mr. Greenbacks.
  3. A secure border complete with a fence wherever a fence is needed
  4. Visa and guest worker programs that protect American citizens, not illegal immigrants: Give us the good ones, keep out the bad ones, and keep the wheels of industry turning.
This is rocket science:
Getting the immigration bill right isn't.

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