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Friday, June 08, 2007

Working Guys React To Heiress Who Works It

I was in a meeting today from 8:30 to 6; hence the dearth of posts. Story of my life lately -- blessed with work; deprived of posting time. A fine dilemma, all in all.

The team at the meeting is quite senior; most of us are in our 50s, one in his early 40s, a couple in their 60s. It takes that kind of expertise to deal with the shenanigans of the California Coastal Commission.

So, imagine my humored reaction when the team lurched to a stop in mid-document review when someone said, "I wonder if Paris is in jail yet."

I'm the computer savvy guy there, and my laptop is wired to a projector, so I whipped onto Breitbart and popped up the latest story -- the hand-cuffs (not fur-lined!) the heiress screaming "MOM!" and "It's not right!"

All eyes locked on the screen ... and then the laughing began.

Not chuckles, mind you; it was loud guffaws and spontaneous, choked reading out loud as the guys and one gal -- all of whom have worked hard to reach success in their professions -- felt ... what? Relief? Vindication? Justification? Satisfaction? Revenge?

The sheer joy of watching the spoiled little girl who has it all suddenly realize that she's merely a citizen like us coursed through the cerebra of the group and we all were simply flushed with good humor.

Not that it lasted. After all, we work for our money, and the California Coastal Commission wasn't going to go away no matter how loudly we pout-cried "MOM!" and "It's not right!"

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