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Friday, June 08, 2007

Watcher's Winners

A sensational week of blogging highlighted by the Watcher's Council turned out pretty much as I would have it, starting with my #1 and #2 picks, which came in ... #1 and #2, with a mere hair's breadth separating them.

They both marked the Six Day War, very differently:

Soccer Dad's Three Spies and Six Days is just that -- the stories of the bravery of two men and one woman whose intelligence work was key to the Israeli victory. Bookworm's The Six Day War in Real Time goes back to a special issue of Life Magazine that came out right after the war to contrast press coverage and perception then and now.

My Smelt Stink post came in third. If you didn't read it a few days back, you might want to -- it's a bit of war reporting too, detailing the radical environmentalists' war against people in the West.

The Non-Council links were especially strong this week. I ranked four of them a "10" as I read them, and one of those four, Dan Simmons' Four Modest Proposals for Getting Out of Iraq, was the winner. Its headline is far too modest; this is an extremely well researched piece that'll take you a while to get through, but it's very, very good.

All the other winners are available here.

As always, thanks, Watcher!