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Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Rare Moment Of MSM Brilliance

Ever so rarely, a beam of brilliance shows through at the MSM. A bit of boldness ... some edge ... something that hints that someone over there might still actually be breathing.

It happened today in, of all places, the LA Times. Yes, I confess: I was reading the story on Paris Hilton being released from jail ... but I only read it to see if I could confirm the rumor that she's out because authorities didn't want to risk a massive herpes outbreak among the confined thuggery ... no confirmation available ....

And there it was in the sidebar, a bit of genius tucked under Paris' booking photo (which I've posted here -- I wonder if they all photograph so well at Central Jail Booking). The little headline link beckoned me to see the slide show, because it said:


It reminded me of a headline Elder Brother wrote as a wee pup when he was a junior copy editor at the Shipping and Trade News, a Tokyo-based publication of minimal news, maximal shipping schedules, and a photo of a naked woman on the top right of the next-to-the-last page of every issue (not that I looked or anything).

The story was about how the city of Tokyo had retired its old sewage barge, replacing it with a modern new unit with an even more massive bucket for transferring the raw sewage from the barge to Tokyo Bay. (Ah, those were the days!) Elder Brother paused for a bit, sucked on his pencil, scanned the ceiling as the wheels cranked, then whipped out the pencil and scribbled one of the best headlines of all time:

The Rise and Fall of the Turd Winch

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