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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Illegals Are Just Undocumented Americans

Here's what Harry Reid says about immigration on his Web site:
While I am strongly opposed to illegal immigration and believe that our immigration laws should be strictly enforced, there is near-universal agreement that our system is broken and in need of reform.
He appears for the moment to acknowledge that there is such a thing as immigration that is illegal, and laws that prohibit such actions, right? Then what about this, posted on the Democratic Senate caucus Web page, at the bottom of a statement by the same Harry Reid:
This week, we will vote on cloture and final passage of a comprehensive bill that will strengthen border security, bring the 12 million undocumented Americans out of the shadows, and keep our economy strong. In the days ahead, we will work to improve the bill to protect and strengthen family ties while improving the structure of the temporary-worker program.
Undocumented Americans. It's been up there since June 4, so Reid could have corrected it if he wanted to, but it's still there -- the latest Dem spin on immigration. They're not really illegals, they're just not quite yet Americans.

Amazing they can say that and still support late-term abortions. Let's try it in Reid-speak: They're not really humans, they're just not quite born yet. Hmm. Doesn't seem to work.

As Michelle Malkin (hat-tip) put this latest attempt to Mexicanize Dem voter registration,
The concept of American citizenship is dead. Sen. Harry Reid drove the final nail in the coffin with his floor statement yesterday, in which he referred to the 12 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S. as "12 million undocumented Americans." I've heard a lot of stupid euphemisms for illegal aliens, but that one takes the cake.
Image: Kingsport Times News

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