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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Thompson on Fox

I sure like what Fred Thompson is saying not on Fox. The first thing I heard was his response to a question from Sean about an earlier FT quote on "evil nations." He said everyone's on our side, except a few nations that support terror -- very different from "you're with us or against us."

Also this:

SH: Knowing what you know now, do you think the war in Iraq was wrong?

FT: People don't think enough about what would have happened if we didn't go to war with Iraq.

He then talked about Saddam in power with his crazy sons, his "people-shredders," his violation of UN resolutions, his corruption of the UN, and his will to have nukes -- a will that would be manifestly greater now with Ahmadinejad pursuing a bomb.

On Libby: He called it tragedy and a break-down of government and was extremely hard on the prosecutor who acted "because the press expected the special prosecutor to come up with someone in the administration."

He got me with a promise that he would pardon Libby today if he were president. Are you listening W?

On the three issues that cause people to question his conservatism:

First, he checked a box that abortion should be legal.

FT: I don't remember that box. I'm not sure I filled out that form.

He slammed Roe vs. Wade, and said the states should have some leeway.


He agreed that too much money was spent on politics, thanks to the Clintons' model (nice!). He wants to do away with soft money, which I agree with; it should all be reportable and direct. The rest of the bill he would appeal.

Clinton impeachment:

He said his role was to be a judge, not to vote how he felt about Clinton (nice, again!), so he split his impeachment vote.

He has a wonderful voice, a good sense of humor. He speaks clearly. Here's what he'd say to the American people upon election:
  • explain the significance of the war on terror
  • explain why we must overhaul taxes
  • say we need taxes low to keep the economy going
  • and say we can't continue down the social security/entitlement programs
I didn't hear one bad answer -- and more important, I didn't hear one waffle of slick bridge to another subject. There's not one Dem candidate who could stand up to his forthrightness -- if he can keep it this strong.

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