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Friday, June 08, 2007

A Lott Not To Like

"This is time where we are going to see whether we are a United States Senate anymore. Are we men or mice? Are we going to slither away from this issue and hope for some epiphany to happen? No. Let's, let's let's legislate. Let's vote. I think the majority leader has a right to expect at some point we end it. Try and cover as many objections with as many amendments as we can. But at some point we have got to get this done...."
-- Sen. Trent Lott

That was Lott yesterday, looking down his nose at the American people and telling us to shut up and just let the wiser Senators do their business without our bothersome yelps.

He also said,
Last year I voted against what we came up with because I didn't think it got better. It got worse.
Someone like this is who we are to trust? Someone who voted against a bad bill but for a worse bill? Is that what we elect Senators to do?

Lott is one of the big losers on the bill, along with Harry Reid -- whose hold on Senate leadership must be getting more tenuous by the tear-jerking minute -- and the Big Kahuna of losers, John McCain.

It could be said McCain will benefit from not having this rotting fish of a bill stinking up the works for weeks, and that a quickly dead bill is better for his campaign than a long-stinking one. Phooey.

McCain has permanently separated himself from his party on the most important domestic issue of the day, so it doesn't really matter where he is on the war -- especially when all the serious candidates are basically with him on the war.

Adios, John.

hat-tip for printing the Lott transcript: Hugh

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