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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Corrupters Of The World, Beware!

Note to the San Fernando Valley: Do not outsource your porn industry to Iran.

All that's needed is Iran's Guardian Council's stamp of approval and a new law subjecting key porn industry players to death will become the law of Iran. The law apparently was spurred by a fuzzy film (shown here) purportedly showing a popular Iranian film starlet in the act.

Uncovering the story:

Iran's parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of a bill that could lead to the death penalty for persons convicted of working in the production of pornographic movies.

With a 148-5 vote in favor and four abstentions, lawmakers present at the Wednesday session of the 290-seat parliament approved that "producers of pornographic works and main elements in their production are considered corrupter of the world and could be sentenced to punishment as corrupter of the world."

The term, "corrupter of the world" is taken from the Quran, the Muslims' holy book, and ranks among the highest on the scale of an individual's criminal offenses. Under Iran's Islamic Penal Code, it carries a death penalty.

The "main elements" referred to in the draft include producers, directors, cameramen and actors involved in making a pornographic video.

The bill also envisages convictions ranging from one year imprisonment to a death sentence for the main distributors of the movies and also producers of Web sites in which the pornographic works appear. (source)

Islam, the religion of cowards.

Islam and Christianity share a similar repulsion to gratuitous sex, debauchery, immodesty and indecency, but Christianity doesn't call for death penalties to shore up its faith against those outside the faith who corrupt our world. We pray for them (as I do routinely for the people caught up in the porn industry), we support reasonable laws against it (bans and restrictions, but hardly death penalties) and we have faith that our religion will survive no matter how corrupting the pornographers become.

Islam, on the other hand, favors extreme penalties in order to protect the faith from challenges. Adultry? Stone the woman, whip the man. Heresy? Issue a fatwah approving the killing of the heretic. Converting from Islam? Simple. Death.

Islam is a religion that can't afford to rely on the abiding faith of its practitioners. When we say "fear God" in Christianity, it means respect his awesome power. When they say "fear god" in Islam, it means duck and cover.

Note: About that starlet, Zahra Amir Ebrahimi:

The videotape was leaked to the Internet and released on a black market DVD, becoming a full-blown Iranian sex tape scandal. Ebrahimi later came under an official investigation, which is still ongoing. She faces fines, whip lashing or worse for her violation of Iran's morality laws.

The unnamed man on the tape, who is suspected of releasing it, reportedly fled to Armenia but was subsequently returned to Iran and charged with breach of public morality laws. He remains in jail.

In an exclusive interview with the British newspaper The Guardian early this year, Ebrahimi denied she was the woman in the film and dismissed it as a fake, made by a vengeful former fiance bent on destroying her career.

I'd say he's done a pretty good job, eh?

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